Ship Chandler Taipei

If you want to restock your ship without wasting time, Ship Chandler Taipei is waiting to serve you. Ship Chandler Taipei promises you the best quality product at the most reduce price. Because Ship Chandler Taipei has an extensive network and 19 years of experience. Ship Chandler Taipei is a supply company that understands you better than you. That why reason, Ship Chandler Taipei’s staff of maritime background. Ship Chandler Taipei’s staff worked on the ship for years and predict possible problems. Problems and solutions are a whole. Ship Chandler Taipei effort to become a whole with customers. because Ship Chandler Taipei recognizes problems and has solutions. If you have problems and missing product on your ship, contact us. Take pleasure to quality service!

Ship Chandler Taipei’s services and products:

  • Provisions: Fresh and frozen food and vegetables. Ship Chandler Belem has a wide range of products of world cuisine. (Beef meat, Lamb meet, Pork meat, Veal meat, Mutton meat, Poultry, Game Bird, Sausages, Frankfurters, Lunch meats, Fish Whole, Fish Fillets, Shell Fish, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products, General Products, Grain & Noodle, Sugar & Preserves, Sweets & Flavouring,  Soups & Sauces, Spices & Seasoning, Oriental Food, Jewish Food, Asian food, Beverages, Spirits, Wines,  Beers, Bonded stores)
  • Service marine supply: Deck stores, engine, cabin and bonded supply. (Dinning Equipment & Galley Equipment, Clothing Products & Linen Products, Brushes & Brooms, Hygiene , Stationary/Consumables, Medical Equipment,Hardware ,Bathroom Equipment) (Ropes & Hawsers , Cargo & Deck Equipment ,Marine Paints & Paint Equipment , Safety & Fire , Fighting Equipment , Bridge Equipment) (Hoses & Couplings , Lubricants , Chemicals , Powered Tools & Equipment , Hand Tools-Cutting Tools , Measuring Equipment , Steel / Metalwork Fastenings , Pipe & Tube Fiitings , Valves , Bearings , Electrical Equipment , Packings & Jointings , Welding Equipment)
  • Fresh water supply
  • Tank Cleaning and Hull cleaning
  • Liferaft and Lifeboat inspection and certification

You can contact with us 7/24!!