About Us

We are best and biggest Ship Chandler / Supplier Kaohsiung is one of the biggest ship chandler, rapidly growing ship supplier in Taiwan with a vast experience in maritime filed since her establishment in 1994. Ship chandler Kaohsiung started supply department activity as a part of our organization for general ship supplier covering vessels in all Taiwan ports for vessel’s calling Taiwan ports or transiting. Has succeeded to built a high reputation on both local and international level, as reliable supplier for first class ship owners and international petroleum companies as well as Taiwan governmental entities As marine supplier Shipchandler Kaohsiung do follow very strict rules on both purchasing and dispatching our orders with high efficiently confirming with the highest standard of quality.

– Oriental Food & Spices.
– Seasonal & Vegetable.
– Meat Cuts.
– Meat Products & Poultry.
– Seafood.
– Groceries.
– Dairy Products.
– Beverages.
– Bonded Stores.  

Technical Supplies.
– Cabin Stores.
– Deck Stores.
– Engine Stores.
– Electrical Stores.
– Safety Equipment.
– Navigation Equipment.
– Stationary.
– Chemicals.
– Medicines.
– Paints.
– Lube Oil.
– Anti-piracy items.  

Additional Services:
– Technical maintenance.
– Safety equipment inspection with certificate.
– Fire fighting
– Garbage & sludge removal.
– Inspection for Cranes with certificate.

Ship Spares in Transit:
Our company provides the service and proceedings necessary before the Customs Office of our country for the spare in transit you need on board of the ship to arrive as soon as possible.  
– Grant 10% Discount.
Please always keep our offer with you & Shipchandler Kaohsiung want to serve your vessel at the earliest opportunity during a port call to Taiwan

You can contact with us : supply@shipchandlerkaohsiung.com